Can I play/view all the sources that I find via the Media Suite?

The Media Suite provides access to data from different institutions ( data providers ), but does not host all the media resources (e.g., videos, images, documents). When you find a resource that is not viewable/playable this may be due to three reasons:

  1. The resource has not been digitised yet: you can inspect the record’s metadata, but not the actual content. These cases are marked with a “closed eye” icon in the result list of the Search tool . Look at the metadata in the Resource viewer to find out whether an item has actually been digitised. A way to solve this issue is to contact (or visit) the collection owner.

  2. The resource is digitized, but the content provider prohibited play-out via the Media Suite (because, for example, of privacy or copyright restrictions). In Version 3, this scenario mostly applies to the DANS oral history collection.

  3. The resource’s content is available, but requires additional authentication or access request. In Version 3, this case applies mostly to some collections from DANS. You can use our Contact information , or the contact information pages of the data providers if you find issues in viewing the content. Please check before if this is not due to a common technical problem (see the Troubleshoting section ).

For more information see FAQ: What kind of data is available via the Media Suite?