How does the Media Suite work?

  • The CLARIAH Media Suite is a “virtual research environment” (VRE) with a user-friendly interface plus more advanced services that provide direct access to the data via an API.
  • The tools for searching and browsing provide access to crucial Dutch audio-visual collections and available automatic enrichments , such as automatic speech recognition (ASR). The functionalities for bookmarking allow users to create their own corpus. The annotation tool enable further enrichment of the collection, and a Work space facilitates the viewing and basic exporting.
  • Ideally, users start by creating a “ User project ”, to which they can add bookmarks, annotations, queries, navigation paths, and tool sessions. This allows users to analyse sources in the Media Suite, and save their work. The Media Suite offers basic export features of the data available in the Work space, for example of project bookmarks and/or annotations.
  • More advanced users, who prefer working with the data via an API, can consult the Jupyter notebooks : these offer more flexibility to users who know Python. However, because most of the collections are protected by copyright or come with privacy restrictions, the use of the Jupyter notebooks also requires authentication.