The CLARIAH Media Suite’s data can be explored, searched, bookmarked, and analysed (annotated) using the Media Suite’s tools. These tools have been designed with the aim to support scholars in the main steps of their research process.

Read more about the How-Tos of the Media Suite’s data in our data documentation pages . Here you will find information about how to:

  • Inspect : inspecting the metadata fields per collection, checking their completeness in general and over time.
  • Explore : browsing the available collections in a serendipitious fashion ( Note: in Version 4, this tool integrates the available data only partially ).
  • Search : dedicated tool for searching/exploring through a single collection. faceted search for more structured querying of all the available collections.
  • Compare : enables comparing the results from different saved queries created with the Search tool.
  • In the Explore and Search tools users can view and bookmark their own selections of media objects or fragments for their own personal selections (also called corpora). They can also annotate their personal corpora (by adding annotations such as tags, comments, links, and other metadata). These user-generated data and the users’ personal collections are available in the Workspace , and can also be exported. The Media Suite also facilitates working with data directly by using its APIs in combination with Jupyter Notebooks

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