View additional information


The additional information pop-up is opened when you click an icon in the Autocomplete list to see more information about an entity, such as a Person or Place, or when you click on such an entity in a list in the Resource Viewer . It contains the following items:

  • A search button: Clicking on this will open the Search page, showing results featuring any of the labels of the given entity. E.g. all programmes featuring the name (or alternative names) of a given person, in any metadata field, including textual descriptions. NOTE: this will replace any previous query!
  • An image of the entity (if available)
  • Links to more information about the entity in sources outside the Media Suite. For example, to a Wikidata page about the entity

Tip : When you click the Search button, the Media Suite will search the current collection for exact matches for any of the labels of the entity. The results will depend on the sort of labels used, e.g. which languages the labels are in. Check the collection description in the Media Suite data registry for details about what sort of labels are used.

Tip : To find out how links to external sources have been created, check the collection description in the Media Suite data registry .