Principle Investigator: Dr. Berber Hagedoorn, Assistant Professor Media Studies (RUG)

Project Period: October 1, 2021 to 1 July 2022

How do Dutch and international MA students, experienced in media creation and innovation, use the English-language collections in the CLARIAH Media Suite for creative storytelling practices: to search, contextualize and share the Media Suite’s cultural heritage content, and to engage users with it? The project has a three-pronged approach – focusing on the interaction of (a) content, (b) platform, and (c) user – to dig into and understand Media Suite use for multimodal storytelling purposes. Understanding storytelling in various forms as a sense-making practice and as a socio-technical practice, this project combines platform engagement analysis with user analysis, both via survey analysis and co-creative userlaboratory sessions. This approach triangulates insights into perspectives on digital storytelling and media use with first-hand observations of Media Suite use, to create (make) new creative storytelling products or experiences. It uncovers how students in the international classroom perceive the Media Suite platform as an effective storytelling tool.

Below you may access the final project deliverables.

Project Deliverables

Video Lectures

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