CLARIAH Annotation Symposium and expert panels

CLARIAH Media Studies focus invites to a two-day symposium and expert meetings around the topic of scholarly annotations of text, image, and audio-visual materials.

This annotation symposium aims to bring together different groups and individuals who are working separately on implementing solutions to support text annotation, audio and video annotation, and image annotation. For instance, within the CLARIAH infrastructure, there is active research and development related to video annotation. Also, the Huygens Institute is actively developing a system for supporting text annotation. Equally, projects at the European and international level are implementing solutions to support this “scholarly primitive.” This event aims to provide the occasion to present an overview of research use cases, and to share experiences, problems, and ideas in implementing annotation support. The main aim is to raise awareness among all CLARIAH work packages about the need to support annotation, and to discuss collaboration possibilities within and outside CLARIAH. The event includes a full day with presentations and a hands-on workshop open to the public, and two closed expert panels.

The program is available
Registration to the open session starts from April 13