Welcome to Media Suite Learn, the Media Suite’s teaching and training initiative. Learn aims to help university lecturers, researchers and students in using the digital audiovisual collections and tools made available in the Media Suite in their teaching, research and study activities. In order to achieve this, Learn offers Media Suite tutorials made for various levels and offers support for research and teaching development, among others by offering concrete examples of research projects and courses that have used the Media Suite. Learn also regularly co-organizes events focussing more broadly on access and reuse of digital audiovisual collections and the use of digital methods and videographic approaches in a wide range of disciplines - in particular media and new media studies, film and television studies, oral history, history and the social sciences. Watch the video below for a short introduction to the Media Suite:

The following is a list of key activities, ressources and types of support that Learn offers and which you will find more information on in the various sections of the Learn page:

Upcoming and Past Events

by Christian Olesen, January 2021

Media Suite Webinar Series 2020-2021

by Christian Olesen, January 2021

In the academic year 2020-2021, the CLARIAH Media Suite team offers a webinar series that introduces participants to working with the audiovisual collections, tools and methods made available in and facilitated by the new version 5 of the Media Suite.

Webinar Series 2020-2021

Overview International Collections in the Media Suite

by Christian Olesen, Max Broekhuizen, Tom Slootweg, Alec Badenoch & Jasmijn van Gorp, October 2020

This page contains an overview of collections in the Media Suite that feature international content in English and other languages.

Learn International