Tool criticism

Through a number of initiatives, Learn stimulates critical reflection on the tools and functionalities it makes available in the Media Suite environment to support criticality and transparency in digital scholarship. To achieve this, Learn invites Media Suite users to reflect on both the social and technical processes through which tools and software are built, data created, and collections made available and analysed. Through this page we offer ways of accessing the software and data located at the backend of the Media Suite while also offering examples of how critical reflections on teaching and researching with the Media Suite may look like.

Article: Koolen, M., Van Gorp, J., Van Ossenbruggen, J., "Toward a model for digital tool criticism: Reflection as integrative practice"

January 2021

This article aims to contribute to a better understanding of digital tools and the discussion of how to evaluate and incorporate them in research. It offers a ready-made format for a workshop on digital tool criticism, including assignments (e.g. the "research-process-visualization), tools, and methods for analysis, that can be reused for training and education.