Media Suite Blog

Using the Media Suite in a Decolonial Classroom

24 Aug 2023

In this blog post, Asli Özgen, Assistant Professor of Media & Culture at the University of Amsterdam, reflects on the outcomes and experience of the CLARIAH Media Suite Teaching Fellowship "Decolonising in the Media Suite: A cross-media analysis of race-related topics in Dutch media", carried out in the academic year 2021-22.

Multimodal Storytelling with the Media Suite in the International Classroom

09 Feb 2023

In this blog post, we reflect on the use of the Media Suite for multimodal storytelling practices in the international classroom. The CLARIAH Media Suite combines Dutch media data collections and makes audiovisual material from Dutch audiovisual collections more accessible for higher education.

The Discovery and Evaluation of Serendipitous Information Encountering in CLARIAH’s Media Suite

13 Jan 2023

In 2022, three researchers from the Media Studies department at the University of Groningen (RUG) completed three Teaching Fellowships - grouped together under the name “Suite Discoveries” investigating how the CLARIAH Media Suite can be integrated into teaching at both the Bachelor as well as the Master level.

The Rotterdam Exchange Format Initiative (REFI) launches standard for sharing qualitative data across qualitative data analysis software.

19 Mar 2019

The Rotterdam Exchange Format Initiative (REFI) was formed to develop the QDA Standard for exchanging processed qualitative data between QDA software programs. This blog post reports on the launching event of the standard.

Report about the CLARIAH Media Studies Summer School (July 2-6, 2018)

01 Oct 2018

The first CLARIAH summer school took place last summer, this reports summarizes the event's main achievements and outcomes of the evaluation.

Screening Desmet: reflections on the MIMEHIST-project and CLARIAH’s Media Suite.

27 Aug 2018

Researcher Kathleen Lotze reflects about her experience as one of the first scholars who has worked in making available and searchable the Desmet paper collection via the CLARIAH Media Suite.

CLARIAH Expert Meeting on Video Annotation Interoperability.

11 Jul 2018

CLARIAH had the pleasure to organize a two-day face-to-face expert meeting and workshop that aimed to improve annotation interoperability within the CLARIAH infrastructure as well as with external annotation tools. The meeting took place on July 12-13 in Amsterdam.

Video annotation Workshop at The Centre for Digital Humanities, Groningen

12 Apr 2018

The Centre for Digital Humanities organizes, in collaboration with CLARIAH, a workshop about the state of the art of video annotation. With this workshop, we will bring scholars and tool developers together to learn from experiences with the variety of available video annotation tools. The workshop will provide an overview of initiatives, but also give the opportunity to have some hands-on experience and discuss what other steps are needed to facilitate developments in annotating large-scale archival material (film and video) and/or online video data sets (e.g. storage).

CLARIAH Summer school: July 2-6, 2018

16 Feb 2018

This one-week event organized by CLARIAH (Media studies work package) introduces scholars to the CLARIAH Media Suite and other tools which support the exploration, search and analysis of important Dutch audio-visual collections and their contextual data. Registration is free but places for full participation are limited.

Reserve the date! CLARIAH Media Studies Summer School (July 2-6, 2018)

20 Dec 2017

CLARIAH invites you to participate of the forthcoming Summer School in July 2018 at The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

When "Big data" is not Enough: A Report of the BigVideo Conference in Aalborg

22 Nov 2017

During three days in November 2017 around thirty researchers and practitioners interested in video analysis came to Aalborg, Denmark, to the "BigVideo sprint and mini-conference" organized by Professor Paul McIlvenny of the Department of Culture and Global Studies, and Assistant Professor Jacob Davidsen, of the Department of Culture and Psychology of Aalborg University.

CLARIAH Media Studies and MIMEHIST in Zürich – A Report

17 Oct 2017

Early September, Liliana Melgar and I received an invitation from Barbara Flückiger, Professor in Film Studies at the University of Zürich, to participate in the "Colloquium Visualization Strategies for the Digital Humanities".

Introducing MIMEHIST: Annotating EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection

31 Aug 2017

This is a cross-posting of a post that I just wrote for my research blog Film History in the Making.

Reportage of the launching of the Media Suite and the CLARIAH Media studies research pilots in the E-Data & Research magazine

17 Jul 2017

The third issue of the “E-Data & Research” magazine this year brings a reportage of the Media Suite launching event on April 4, 2017, when the CLARIAH media studies team celebrated the debut of the…

CLARIN-PLUS workshop on Oral History

12 May 2017

From 10-12 May 2017, CLARIAH WP5 attended a two-day CLARIN-PLUS workshop in Arezzo to discuss the development of an automatic transcription chain for Oral History that eventually could be integrated into the CLARIN infrastructure.

CLARIAH Annotation Symposium: May 11-12, 2017

11 May 2017

This annotation symposium aims to bring together different groups and individuals who are working separately on implementing solutions to support text annotation, audio and video annotation, and image annotation.

CLARIAH Annotation Symposium and expert panels

13 Apr 2017

CLARIAH Media Studies focus invites to a two-day symposium and expert meetings around the topic of scholarly annotations of text, image, and audio-visual materials.

Hello CLARIAH Researchers!

24 Mar 2017

In the CLARIAH-board meeting of February 22, 2017 16 Pilot Research Projects were approved, six of them within the Media Studies focus. We welcome the pilot winner scholars to our team during the launch of the MediaSuite

Paper presented at CHIIR 2017 in Oslo

07 Mar 2017

A study done by CLARIAH Media Studies researchers about media scholars’ annotating behavior was presented at the The ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR).