Reportage of the launching of the Media Suite and the CLARIAH Media studies research pilots in the E-Data & Research magazine

E-data article

Article on “E-data & Research magazine”.

The third issue of the “E-Data & Research” magazine this year brings a reportage of the Media Suite launching event on April 4, 2017 , when the CLARIAH media studies team celebrated the debut of the first version with a welcoming session to the project leaders and team members of the six CLARIAH pilot projects.

In the front of the picture we see Julia Noordegraaf (work package leader) with Christian Olesen, the principal investigator of the MIMEHIST pilot project, and Jaap Blom on the right, the engineer and one of the main architects of the Media Suite. The article highlights what in the words of Roeland Ordelman (the technical coordinator) is “a historical moment” for media studies research, but also to other types of researchers who use audio-visual media. The Media Suite offers to Dutch scholars an unprecedented number of collections (television, film, oral history) that can be seamlessly used with flexible and sustainable tools, designed according to their needs. The report also points to the important role that the pilot scholars have in improving the Media Suite and participate as co-developers of these tools.

The CLARIAH Media Studies team thanks Erica Renckens, one of the reporters of E-Data & Research, for joining our April 4 historical session.