Report about the CLARIAH Media Studies Summer School (July 2-6, 2018)

The CLARIAH Media Studies summer school was a one-week event organized by the CLARIAH Media Studies working group. It introduced scholars (senior, phd, and master students) to the CLARIAH tools for advanced audio-visual analysis, which enable research on a growing number of collections and their contextual data. See program here .

The more than thirty participants worked in eight small research projects in which all the potential of the Media Suite and its complementary services (e.g., Jupyter Notebooks) were used for real research questions. The projects were entitled:

  • Silencing refugees? An exploration of the depiction of refugee crises in Dutch media through the “digital research infrastructure” lens
  • The Platformization of Public Service Broadcasting
  • Remediating Culture: The Case of Spetters (Paul Verhoeven, 1980)
  • Creating Narratives around Media Events by Exploring and Comparing AV
  • Decolonizing WWII in Dutch oral history interviews
  • Defragmenting and annotating EYE’s Jean Desmet Collection(s)
  • Gender, ethnicity and representation in Dutch programs over time: letting the archive talk
  • Extra (one participant): Media coverage of the Curaçao uprising, period 1965-1974, with special emphasis on 30 May 1969

Further readings

  • You can also read the blog post by one of the scholars (in Dutch) at the blog of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.
  • You can watch the short video report of the summer school here: .