Teaching Rich Archival and Curational Explorations in CLARIAH’s Media Suite (TRACE)

Principle Investigator: Prof. dr. Susan Aasman, Professor Digital Humanities (RUG)

Project Period: October 1, 2021 to July 1, 2022

With Google as the default space for tracing digital resources through simple keyword searching, students have become accustomed to ‘disintermediation’; it is not so obvious for them to find sources via professional intermediaries such as traditional libraries or archives, or for that matter, explore new types of intermediaries such as CLARIAH’s Media Suite. This makes the Media Suite a perfect space to challenge students to acquire skills that represent different modes of archival research and digital curation. This Teaching Fellowship aims to develop four modules that will equip humanities students with skills to understand which (faceted) research practices are suited best for working in online media archives in order to 1.) create meaning and generate different readings of selected materials, 2.) develop skills with regards to searching, comparing, and curating archival sources, 3.) critically engage with (inter)national, public and commercial online collections and available tools and reflect on their limitations.

Below you may access the final project deliverables.

Project Deliverables

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