Is collection data enriched automatically?

Some of the collections in the Media Suite have been enriched automatically, and data enrichments are added as search layers in addition to the institutional metadata of the collections. For the most part, data enrichments are created using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) or Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

ASR is a process applied to recorded, digitised audio materials that allows for converting speech into text. The Media Suite applies this process to the entire audiovisual collection of The Netherlands Insitute for Sound and Vision (NISV), including both television and radio resources. Beginning in July 2018, the textual outputs are gradually made available and updated in order to improve search and navigation of the Media Suite’s resources.

The most complete, up-to date automatic speech recognition reports (and other statistics of the NISV collections) are available at the NISV collection statistics website . Here you will find interactive and up-to-date visualizations of the progress of ASR as it is being processed. The numbers in these visualizations reflect the entire collection of NISV, showing the amount of digitized items with a carrier and, from those, the amount of items that have ASR.

For more information about the Media Suite’s ASR processing, you may consult the publication “Speech Recognition and Scholarly Research” by Roeland Ordelman and Arjan van Hessen.

Optical character recognition (OCR)

This type of automatic enrichment is available for the following collections:

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