Version 4.10



New features

  • You can now use a bare bones version of the Media Suite without logging in for collections that are public domain such as Open Images, KB Newspaper collection (Via Delpher ) and Soundbites. Use of the Workspace and features related to the Workspace (such as making annotations) are disabled.

Data improvements

  • In view of the termination of the DWDD program, we added speech recognition for all DWDD broadcasts to facilitate even more deep dives into the past of the show.

Work in progress

  • To enable access to recent NISV data we are working on connecting the latest version of the NISV catalogue to the Media Suite. As this is a very large data set we are still busy with the process of ingesting, indexing and testing.
  • We are preparing the digitized viewing figures data (Kijk- en Luistercijfers) to be added as a collection for the Media Suite