Version 4.14


Thanks for using the CLARIAH Media Suite!


  • we are always seeking balance between new features and squashing bugs. We fixed some bugs but we know there are still some on the list. We’ll get to these ASAP. Please report issues here .

Data improvements

For this release we are proud to announce two major data upgrades:

  • The Media Suite now also provides access to recent data from the “DAAN” archiving system of Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Until now we could only provide data until 2018 based on the index of NISVs ‘old’ archiving system (“iMMix”). To ensure backward compatibility and smooth migration, the Media Suite will keep both data sets for some time. Note that we will be busy optimising the new collection the coming weeks, e.g., to improve speed. If you encounter issues, please report them here

  • The digitised TV and Radio Ratings (1966-1993), called “Kijk- en Luistercijfers” in Dutch, are now available for browsing in the Media Suite.

Stability improvements

  • We finished the set-up of automated tests to improve the stability of the Media Suite. We have integrated Screenster to enable us to do better UI testing as to increase the comfort of our users while working with the Media Suite.

Infrastructure improvements

  • We worked on our Linked Data infrastructure and integrated with that allow for a better organisation and management (and ultimately a more user-friendly use) of SPARQL queries.

Work in progress

  • We are working on our second Data Story , this time on ‘factual divergencies’ regarding the coronavirus between Dutch official media channels and citizens on social media.