Version 4.11



  • Several bug fixes
  • You can now transfer queries you generated for one collection to the other collection as the search query box now remembers a query when you change collections.
  • Bug fixed that prevented users to browse through segments in the Resource Viewer

Work in progress

  • To enable access to recent NISV data we are working on connecting the latest version of the NISV catalogue to the Media Suite. As this is a very large data set we are still busy with the process of ingesting, indexing and testing. This sprint we finished the new mappings
  • We are preparing the digitized viewing figures data (Kijk- en Luistercijfers) to be added as a collection for the Media Suite
  • We are working on enabling “data stories” based on data visualisations created using the Media Suite and experimented with possibilities to generate data for 15 years of DWDD.