Version 6.8


New collection added :

  • Radio Oranje, containing 183 broadcasts

Fixes :

  • user no longer logged out after 1 hour (only when inactive this will happen)
  • saving custom link as annotation works again
  • number of items in collection now can exceed 10.000
  • no more empty screen when removing person entity from search bar (in case no other search term is present)
  • collection selector: collections grouped per organisation and sorted alphabetically
  • collection selector: removed logos to improve readability
  • saving query without a project selected no longer crashes the UI
  • “show all items” for selected search results works again
  • resource viewer shows a proper message when content is not available, e.g. for text & photo collections within B&G archive
  • Desmet paper & film collection material can be viewed again

Software upgrades :

  • latests software versions for underlying software
  • latest security patches
  • several performance improvements