Version 3.1


This release includes mostly bug fixing and improvements based on regular testing, and from user input during the CLARIAH summer school and in the Gitter forum .

Overall improvements

  • The main menu includes a new “Learn menu” where new content is progressively added)
  • The static pages of the Media Suite (About, Contact, Data, Tools) have been updated.

Bug fixing and (minor) usability enhancements

  • In the Inspector tool
  • In the Search tool (television collection, ordering per date is maintained after going back from exploring individual results)
  • In the Bookmarking functionalities
  • In resizing graphics
  • Main bugs in the Workspace fixed (pending to solve ordering per creation date)
  • Bug when deleting annotations

System overall improvements

  • Security (now running on SSL, https, so your browser is happy!)
  • Refurbishing of annotation API
  • ASR cloud infrastructure improved
  • Automatic testing
  • Stability improvements

Data improvements

  • NEW collection: “Sound Bites” collection of the Meertens Institute (read more:
  • Collection selection and collection information (most pages in CKAN - include more complete information and visualizations)

Improvements to data imports from:

  • B&G: missing parts of records (from segments) were restored
  • KB Newspapers (field names improved)
  • KB Newspapers (better display of long titles)
  • KB Newspapers (improved metadata display)
  • Newly added metadata dictionary for the Desmet paper collection
  • Oral history: data cleaning to the import of the creator field
  • ASR on a new oral history collection, “verhalenhuis” (more information forthcoming)

Tools functionalities and front-end (UI) improvement

Collection selector and data pages (CKAN)

  • It is possible to navigate to collection pages from the tools (when selecting a collection, and when searching or inspecting a collection)

Inspector tool

  • A new graphic type for easier completeness visualisation was added
  • Completeness display improved

Search tool

  • New cluster (keywords for all collections) and field cluster menu improved
  • Facet selector improved (negative facet selection, select more than one facet, ordering options for terms in facets)
  • Bookmarking facilities improved: bookmark across pages, bookmark across collections, pre-selection list (to check before saving)

Compare tool

  • Adjustments after the initial release of the renewed Compare tool, which was redesigned to work with user “saved queries”

Resource viewer

  • We added a feature that facilitates exploration of related content based on the keyword fields
  • Research is being done to improve the Resource viewer in the future

Workspace (small improvements)

  • Copy saved query parameters to clipboard
  • Access icons that indicate if an item can be viewed or not can be used for filtering
  • Media type icons that indicate the type of media can be used for filtering
  • Improved ordering options

Documentation and tooltips

  • Documentation pages styling and internal update workflow via Github improved
  • Documentation pages are fully integrated in the Media Suite Informative messages were added when there are known issues in searching or filtering
  • Updated documentation pages (in progress during January-February, 2019)


  • Updated screencasts
  • New content: Research projects
  • New content: Quick start guide