Version 5.5



  • the resource viewer update that we have been working on for a number of months is now finally complete in V5.5. In addition to a number of stylistic enhancements, it has new annotation functionalities that allows adding annotations in multiple layers/tiers.
  • we integrated support for sharing queries that allows copy-and-paste of your search URL with a queryId so that you can point others easily to your data views. This functionality is also handy for generating data views for the Media Suite Data Stories .
  • in the search results we are now highlighting query words found in speech transcripts or OCR so that it is immediately visible how relevant a search result is.

Bug fixes

  • we fixed bug that prevented scrolling the metadata in the resource viewer

Data improvements

  • we connected to the (historical) “Tweede Kamer” collection that will gradually become available in the Media Suite the coming weeks.

Phased out

  • we phased out the possibility to add personal collections to the Media Suite, awaiting a more structural solution within CLARIAH to store personal collections safely.

Work in progress

  • we still encounter issues with authentication and login. Users report that they are silently logged out while having logged in. We are working on a fix.