Version 6.4


After a few releases (6.1-3) without functional updates (but a lot of changes ‘under the hood’ to make Media Suite more stable) we are proud to present a new release with the following updates:

  • Media Suite provide access to recent Radio & Television content with only a short delay (in days)
  • You can now use term chart visualisation that shows a histogram or a line chart with the amount of documents (relative or absolute) that match your query, distributed over the values of your chosen metadata field. See these help docs for more info.
  • You can also use charts in the ‘Compare Tool’ to visualise differences between datasets (that you can create yourself using ‘queries’). See these help docs for more information.
  • check out the “curated playlists” such as the one on Controversial Youth Television in the Netherlands in the subject tutorials section in learn .
  • Media Suite Data now has more information on the Program Guides that can be accessed via the Media Suite.
  • You may notice when selecting NISV content that NISV has a new logo as of today!