Version 4.7


Bug fixing

  • 482: heavy facets
  • 532: bugs fixed in compare tool when deleting queries, improvements to the behavior of deleting queries
  • 476: consistent display of friendly labels in the Compare tool


  • Small improvements to the Workspace forms and dialog boxes to create user projects and personal collections.
  • issue/#496-update-workflow-for-items-bookmarking
  • date sorting in the workspace improved
  • issue 476: User-friendly labels replaced technical labels shown when saving queries in the Search tool.
  • issue 459: loading message for slow charts
  • issue #545: shortcut to compare queries in the workspace (no need to open Compare tool)
  • Issue/#476 beautify date field names (#510): more user friendly labels for date fields

New features

  • Media Type can be used now to filter in all collections
  • (455) Improved selection options to search in all metadata fields and/or automatic enrichments
  • (457) New tooltips with information added for date selection and filtering
  • (#529) As a user, I want the MS to remember my selected collection across tools, just like the project

Data improvements

  • All collections include a curated date field (issue 31)
  • New ASR data (from the 1990’s) -ask Johannes/Willem which data