Version 4.3


Bug fixing

  • Bugs have been fixed in the Compare, Inspect, and Search tool, and in the Workspace.


  • Improvements to the dialog boxes and interaction menu to save queries in the Search tool.
  • Improvements to the highlight function, so it is easier for users to see the matching terms to their query highlighted in the results.
  • Usability improvements in the Search tool.

New features

  • Create Custom Field cluster (users can select which fields they want to search in, and create their own clusters of fields).
  • It is possible to search for terms within the facets.

Data improvements

  • The workflow for adding metadata dictionaries via CKAN to the collections has been improved. It is now easier for collection owners to add and update metadata dictionaries.
  • In the Jupyter notebooks, and in the CKAN page for Oral history collections it is possible to query and visualize the oral history aggregated collection by the time period being discussed in the interviews.
  • Small improvements in the data (parsing, and cleaning date fields).